Robert Jukes: What made you become a hairdresser?

Hairdressing was not my first choice as a career in fact completely the opposite but at the age of 15 to get a week off school I found myself talking to my schools career officer, knowing that I had an interest in joining one of the forces he reconfirmed that it was not possible to do a weeks work experience in this field. This caught me on the hop a bit and due to a girlfriend having a Saturday job in a salon I found myself saying i'd changed my mind and would like to go into hairdressing.

So off I went to do my work experience in a city centre salon and as much as I enjoyed the experience it was still the forces for me. Until my lovely mum had a quick chat with her hairdresser mentioning my week and before I new it I'm in an interview at a large town centre salon for a Saturday job.

Well I was a bit overwhelmed at first by my new job, 24 busy hairdressers all with very different personalities, all trendy, chatty, bubbly, oozing creativity and having fun in their job that they all loved. Within the first couple of years I found myself on the competition circuit for the first time and with a bit of hard work and time managed to come in third place.

This was it for me, a job that was very sociable, creative ( always loved working with my hands ) , challenging but also very rewarding.

A job that had many branches of different directions depending on the path you wished to take: Stylist, Colourist, Teaching, Working aboard, Session stylist (photo shoots/television etc), Management, Business coach, Business owner, I could go on with the list but I need to keep the blog shortish.

A job that you meet so many interesting and fascinating people not only clients but people within our industry, I've been lucky and worked with and along side some truly aspiring individuals and awesome teams.

Now 35 years later I know that I fell into an amazing industry which has come along way in that time and now looking forward to the years ahead and building the Emava brand.